Thanks to Paul Nipkow and other scientist who worked in their different ways for the invention of Television, but there is more to it. Having your desired channels in your TV set will give you many choice of channels, a sense of freedom and relaxation when you want to spend your time at home or in the office to gather some information from the media (Television). This is the heart cry of everyone that is still limited by their local cable TV services which provides few channels with a lot of restrictions.

New inventions have taken place, thanks to God for the knowledge He has given to man. This new inventions is to give everyone the opportunity to have their desired channels in their homes. It automatically brings thousands of TV channels. This invention is in form of a software which can be downloaded and installed in the desktop or laptop computer or connected directly to the TV set depending on choice. The software is called Satellite Direct meaning that its connection is directly from the satellite.

The software has many characteristics which includes; getting of auto channel updates, twenty four hours unlimited access, providing of thousands of channels, there is no subscription or monthly bills attached to it and no bandwidth limits. There is no equipment or a dish receiver required to use the software. The only thing that is required to use the software is a laptop or desktop computer and an internet connection, and then you will be able to watch your TV right from your laptop or desktop computer anytime or anywhere in the world. It can also be connected to the TV set.

You may be thinking; “how does the software works”. On a detailed research about the software, there was a revelation that it taps into the TV channels of both public and private companies from all countries in the world right over the internet. This is truly a great piece of software and the highest converting TV to PC product which is designed like a multimedia player and very easy to use.

Since the world has become globally connected technologically, I will say nothing is impossible to be invented. This may be the future of watching television because change is constant and nothing can stop it.

You can download the software through  HERE. It seems the software requires a little one-time payment to download it before installation.